Daylighters by Rachel Caine… A Review!

My oh my, it's certainly been a long time. I want to take a moment and apologise to all you lovely readers who have stayed and followed my blog in the hopes of me posting; life has its own tricks and turns I've been unable to update. But I'm back, and will be resuming my... Continue Reading →



I always thought about you, Ana. One of the things I loved about you most is that you were always, always right. When you spoke, everyone would stop, the room would fall silent, and when you sang, every note danced to the from your mouth straight to the hearts of your captive audience. When you began... Continue Reading →

Sharing Books!

I'll be honest, for the past couple of months I've been plateauing creatively. It's been a special kind of hell watching all my talented friends and followers create beautiful and in-depth projects, and I was only able to watch and hope that I'll be able to provide something of the same calibre. And that's when... Continue Reading →

Ham on Rye by Charles Bukowski: A Review!

Well. It's certainly been an interesting week. Not just for the Americans, but for every onlooker around the world. So in the theme of watching from the sidelines here's my review on Ham on Rye. We follow Charles Bukowski's semi-autobiographical story through the eyes of character Henry Chinaski. Henry tells us of all his escapades from... Continue Reading →


I remember talking to you, happy, smiling, joyous, free. Soft and teasing green eyes cross the waters, the zones, to me.   I remember seeing you through that small square box, chocolate-brown hair at best the clear, sweet peal of your laughter that rang from your chest.   I remember your silence. One moment you... Continue Reading →

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