Local Treasures: Llyfrau Ystwyth Bookstore

Although I have finished my time in Aberystwyth, I’m still using the little time I have left to enjoy the gems this tiny town has to offer. Admittedly, I have been to this quaint book store only once before, and then left it behind for two years. This time around, I was able to go with my two friends, and see the beauty of vintage bookstores.

Two friends, exploring a bookshop.

Every single corner of the library was filled filled with books from a variety of different trades and places: everything from fiction, non-fiction, to a definitive encyclopaedia of avian life in the UK. It is an odd collection, surely, but Llyfrau Ystwyth has a variety of books for every type of reader.

Beautiful hardback editions of classics.
The stairway to heaven.

Thankfully, the bookstore was not only one level of books. Instead, it held multiple rooms on different levels full of texts – some ranging back to the Victorian period. It was an absolute pleasure to simply walk around and view the variety they had.

Obviously transfixed by a good read.

I myself was entranced by the quality of books they had, and ended up purchasing around seven different books, ranging from Pratchett, Poe, and Bukowski. Authors with whom I’ve had very little experience with before are now going to be my main focus for my leisure reading this summer.


Books, books, and more books. This is heaven.

Honestly, Llyfrau Ystwyth is a hugely unappreciated gem that I’ll miss when I’m gone from Aberystwyth. With its homely and disarming looks, huge variety of different forms of literature, and more importantly, cheap prices, Llyfrau Ystwyth has became one of my favourite go-to spots for buying new books. It’s even surpassed Waterstones for me!

What about you? What are some rustic bookshops you’ve been in? Let me know!

Until next time,




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