Schedule Following and Social Media: All the Fun Stuff

Now that my blog is up and running, and I have had some time to reacquaint myself with big bad world of blogging, I have now set myself a schedule for posting. On Tuesdays I will be posting about Local Treasures. These will consist of places that not only sell great books, but great locations near me that are good for reading.

On my Instagram, I’ll be partaking a 30 day book challenge, so if you love bright colours and pretty books, be sure to tune in each day for a new update! And of course on the Friday I will be posting the main content: book reviews. They’ll be from all different trades and cultures, as I want to read all the books that my course stopped me from reading. In fact, expect some short stories by one of my favorite authors soon. If you ever want to know about my blog or anything related to my reviews, feel free to contact me on Twitter! I’ll be glad to answer any questions or requests you have.

See you all tomorrow,




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