Finally Settled In: Being Back Home and More!

After five days of countless greetings and hugs from various friends and family, I’ve finally settled in back in Kent. Thankfully, I can focus now on getting my room set up and bringing more book reviews and other tidbits for you all to consume. But all in all, my room is settling into a nice area to do reviews.

Besides the meagre setup of my room, I did want to use this post to announce that I’m adding a new day for this blog to have a special kind of content; lately, the more I’ve read, the more I’ve wanted to write. Admittedly before, I told myself that this blog would only be for book reviews, but the need to write has been growing on me. So every Wednesday I’ll be attempting to add a new (or continued) piece of writing to this blog. I’m really excited for this!

Until tomorrow,



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