Local Treasures: Goodbye Aberystwyth

To all my readers, I’m SO sorry for being relatively quiet on the blog front. These past few weeks have been beyond busy for me! But now, with an updated schedule and a new resolve, I’m back better than ever.Anyway.  I’ve hesitated to write this blog post purely because when this post does eventually go up, it will mean it’s real. But during the past couple of weeks I had the absolute pleasure of graduating alongside my peers. So for now, I present to you the final of the Local Treasures posts in Aberystwyth.

It has been almost three years since I had first set foot in the humble town of Aberystwyth. Three years of meeting the best people anyone could have met in university. And thankfully, during my graduation we were all able to celebrate together. Of course, it was a bittersweet affair, as with our celebrations came the knowledge that for a lot of us, our graduation would mark the end of the comforts student life had provided us.

Now I’m back in Kent and facing those post-degree blues, I look back at the times I spent with my friends at uni and wonder what’s next. Well with this blog and applying for every single graduate job under the sun, I’m certainly keeping myself busy. But when I think about it, even though Aberystwyth was full of interesting shops, beaches, and other cheery venue, ultimately I think that it was the people that made Aber the treasure.

My friends and I, in all our graduate glory.

Tell me about your graduation/end of year celebrations, it’ll be great to hear!

Until next time,



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