Why Do I Write?

One thing I know: this subject has been broached by every creative mind who has had the bravery to put pen to paper. But ultimately, in this post I’ll be talking about my experience of writing, and what drew me to it.

I wish there was some profound moment when I realised I enjoyed writing as a hobby. Instead of being a gradual realisation that I loved writing, it was more of a catastrophic tumble down the writing world. Being a huge lover of books, from a young age I had always consoled myself with the written word – the sheer beauty of becoming a part of the author’s vision was a feeling that I had become addicted to. But at some point, I began to feel the need to create myself.

I would suddenly picture a scene of the most mundane interaction, and keep on wading through the mire until I had found something worth writing. The process of planning and creating a setting is an addictive one, a habit I would never want to give up. It would be apt to say I’m an addict in most respects, I suppose. There’s something remarkably gratifying about a story coming together.

When it comes to writing for acclaim and commercial success, as enjoyable as that would be, I have a very long way before reaching that stage. As of right now, I just want to give my readers the same sense of wonder and awe that I had received when I read.

Why do you write?


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