Graduate Life: Interviews and Beyond! (Part 3)

Before I start this off I’ve got to say I’ve been having fun writing these post undergrad posts (the months of uncertainty and unemployment not so much.) But now I feel like it’s time to draw this mini series of updates to a close!

I have so many people to thank, it’s almost impossible to fathom where to begin. I think I’ll start with my friend and classmate, Jess. If it wasn’t for her sharp eyes I wouldn’t have even applied for the internship in the first place. Obviously, my own mother for putting up with my countless questions, my incessant stressing, and otherwise irritating antics as I continued through the mire of job-hunting. The process is easily one of the most soul destroying things a person could do, in all honesty.

My friends (both online and real life) have been invaluable, and have encouraged me in all forms – with bad jokes, general words of encouragement and some top tips! Finally, I’d like to thank two random people I met in the depths of London Bridge, Calvin and Donna for being gracious enough to not only call me a taxi when I was hopelessly lost in London, but telling me to keep my chin up and power through everything that was going wrong that day.

In the end of the whole application process, I didn’t get the position I applied for, (the year-long traineeship) but I’ve come to peace with that. However, I received an email from HarperCollins last Thursday saying that my interviewer was so impressed with me and really put forward my name during the in-house discussions that they were actually extending an offer for a two month internship in London for the HarperCollins Children’s division.

It’s with great pleasure for me to announce that I have accepted their invitation, and I will be travelling to London and working for HarperCollins for the next two months! This of course is huge for me. While I am happy with my progression from uni, it’s a bittersweet affair, as I have spent three years in the far end of Wales whilst only visiting my family during the summer and Christmas period. It’s going to be hard leaving them again, even though it will only be for a little while, but I’m not going to disappoint everyone who’s brought me this far. I’m going to go to London and give it everything I’ve got. It wouldn’t be fair for everyone who’s supported me so far if I didn’t.

In terms of these Graduate Life posts, I think I’ll continue writing them, they’re awfully therapeutic. And it’s fun telling you all what’s going on! I start next week, so be sure to watch this space.

Until then,


P.S. I have a special book review from a friend of mine this Friday, it’s more unique than anything I’ve ever covered before! Don’t forget to check it out on Friday around 12ish!



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