ANNOUNCEMENT: The Importance of Diversity & My Blog

For the past year, I had wondered what exactly my impact would be upon not only the people close to me, but the legacy I would leave behind. Of course this sounds more on the bleak side, but since the long journey of education is over, (at least, for the time being) I’m finding myself thinking more and more what I want to do with myself.

Image, identity, and how we perceive each other is arguably the three most vital ways we come to understand each other. Someone’s image may be conveyed through their accomplishments – both in the workplace and outside of it. A person’s identity, and how the perceive themselves is one of the most interesting studies out there. And finally, how we as a species perceive each other is explored in the social sciences, literature, even on a day-t0-day basis.

Now, why have I brought this up? If I was to summarise in five words: Luke Cage and American Literature. With the debut of Marvel’s Luke Cage on Netflix earlier last month, I was interested more and more on the topic of identity, and what it meant for characters in Luke Cage’s world to be black. So in the spirit of exploring this subject more, I will be doing a one-off review of the entire season of Marvel’s Luke Cage. I feel like this will tie in more to reviews I have in the future that has a particular look into the Harlem Renaissance movement, and how authors during the time explored and celebrated their own identity.

Anyway, I have to be up early tomorrow, got more work to do! (Will have a write-up for my first week by Saturday though)

See you soon,



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