Final Boarding: A Review!

I will always remember my first flight as a child. The sheer excitement of feeling the plane rise into the air and the gradual sink of my stomach as I would climb higher and higher. It is easily one of the most exhilarating and terrifying experience. A feeling that I felt was replicated in A.J. Mayers’ novel, Final Boarding.

Now, Final Boarding isn’t out until the 15th of November, but A.J. was kind enough to provide me a review copy of his novel beforehand. While I can’t go into too much detail about the intrinsics of the novel just yet, I can tell you as readers we follow the events of Final Boarding through the eyes of Professor Patrick Baldwin as he attempts to discover the truth behind the disappearing Phoenix Airline Flight 619. A.J. was kind enough to even answer some of my questions regarding the novel.

One of the main mechanical features that drew my attention to Professor Baldwin’s narrative was the use of an epistolary-type of narrative from his journal. We’re able to see events unfold completely from his perspective, with only very few exceptions in the narrative. I felt that this hugely enhanced my own personal experience to read Final Boarding, and I know it’ll enhance the reading experience for many other readers too.

In terms of inspiration, A.J. noted that after the events of 9/11, he had a slight fear of flying. But combined with his childhood love of aviation and airplanes as a child, Final Boarding reflects both a childlike-passion of everything aviation, and an adult respect for the skies.

Final Boarding is released on the 15th of November, be sure to preorder/check it out when you can!

What kind of aviation stories have you read in your lifetime? Let me know!




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