Monday Musings: Working in Publishing? AMA!

Man oh man time certainly does fly when you’re having fun. I’ve been looking back at the past two months and realising how lucky I have been to even get this internship at HarperCollins. Now that it’s coming to a close, I find myself asking a lot of questions about my future, and what exactly I’m going to do next.

I find new treasures every day, not only in the books, but with the people I interact with on a regular basis. It does make me wonder how on earth I can go back to trying to get any job instead of the particular sector I want. My experience at HarperCollins has shown me I want to get into publishing, and I’ll do anything I can to stay in the game of jobs. Today has been eye-opening, as with the help of my friend I’ve discovered another venue to pursue my dream career in publishing!

More importantly, I want to always be able to talk to you all about the wonders and joys of the publishing sector, and what I’ve learnt in my brief time in HarperCollins, so please don’t hesitate to ask me anything! This is all for you guys.

Hopefully hear questions from you all soon!



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