Armageddon Out of Here by Derek Landy: A Review!

Now there’s only one way to start off the New Year and it’s with the book that I initially closed 2016 on. During my time at HarperCollins,  I had the pleasure of working with so many brilliant individuals from marketing, publicity, and even editorial. It had became well-known around the office that I was a huge fan of Derek Landy from my early days of being in the UK. So imagine my surprise on the penultimate day of my internship I had the pleasure of meeting him!


After many bouts of fangirling and trying to find the proper words to say, I finally obtained Armageddon Outta Here, the only book in the Skulduggery Pleasant series I didn’t own. However, it was a couple of days after my lovely meeting with Derek that I was able to sit down and read it. Armageddon Outta Here is a compilation of adventures featuring Skulduggery, The Dead Men, and a whole host of characters from the Skulduggery Pleasant universe. This novella was fantastic for me as while I am a huge fan of the series, I always did wonder how the characters in the universe got to point they are in the current series.

One of the things that stuck to me the most though was Derek’s introduction to Armageddon Outta Here. He talks about the inspiration behind Skulduggery, and the different themes that created our favourite skeletal detective. He touches upon the ‘Big Clue,’ the source of influence from the stories and experiences that they’ve had growing as a person and as writers. These collections of stories and Derek’s introduction was the perfect closing to the end of 2016, and a huge inspiration for writers like myself for 2017! I can’t wait to see what Derek Landy and HarperCollins has in store for this next year. But Armageddon Outta Here was the perfect piece to end my time at HarperCollins with.

What have been your favourite series/books that have stuck with you? Let me know!




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