Daylighters by Rachel Caine… A Review!


My oh my, it’s certainly been a long time. I want to take a moment and apologise to all you lovely readers who have stayed and followed my blog in the hopes of me posting; life has its own tricks and turns I’ve been unable to update. But I’m back, and will be resuming my way of posting once again!

Now normally I would scoff at the idea of modern-vampires – many interpretations of vampires in this day and age leave fans with a bitter taste in their mouths (not naming franchises but you know which one I’m thinking of.) But Rachel Caine’s Morganville series is an exception. Daylighters is very far into the Morganville series but we follow Claire Danvers and her friends’ return to Morganville and how it spells trouble for the whole town. Upon her return she finds the town is cleaner, happier and more lively than before. However, when certain members from the Claire’s group are separated and arrested (vampire from humans) the conflict begins.

One of the notable aspects of The Morganville series is that one of the underlying themes is the struggle of power between the vampires and the humans. Throughout the series there have been uprisings, coups and tragic losses, but in Daylighters the readers are shown what a community without vampires could be really like. What I really enjoyed about this novel is that throughout the series readers become so accustomed to a small town in the States being led by vampires – to see such chaos take place in a town now ran by humans is interesting to see.

I found Daylighters overall to be a wholesome and engaging part of the Morganville series and one that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. Throughout the series Rachel Caine brings new levels of tension and drama to her audience, and it has became something I’ve certainly grown to enjoy.


Note: I wanted to apologise for the extended absence, but now I’m back properly and ready to review new things. It’s good to be back. Can’t wait for my next review on Friday!

Till next time,



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