Doing Something New

It’s been a long journey. I started off as a student frustrated with my curriculum – I had no direction, no plan. I just wanted to write about books that had captured my attention and heart. Two years on, I’m writing my first novel, and getting ready for a Masters. With the support of many friends and followers, I’ve grown my blog from pretty rambles from myself to having a dedicated following. And for that I’m sincerely happy.

Today’s announcement is that I will be collaborating with a local online bookstore close to my heart, Fika Lounge. They reached out to me recently, detailing their interest in a collaboration. Their dedication to literature and providing the best experience for their readers. There will be some changes to my blog (not major ones, mind you) in the upcoming future, but I’m very happy to be on board with Hannah and Martin. I’ll still be writing reviews and posting regularly, so don’t you worry! Hopefully all of you will see the fruits of this partnership in the near future, as we have plenty of exciting things to bring to you!


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