Finally Settled In: Being Back Home and More!

After five days of countless greetings and hugs from various friends and family, I've finally settled in back in Kent. Thankfully, I can focus now on getting my room set up and bringing more book reviews and other tidbits for you all to consume. But all in all, my room is settling into a nice... Continue Reading →


Christine by Stephen King: A Review

  Way back when, in the days of sixth form, I was engrossed with the supernatural. This was way before I had dug into the wonders of Lovecraft, or broached the brilliance of Poe. And yet, I was at a loss. My days of reading about love throughout the ages had become exhausting. I wanted... Continue Reading →

The Magicians by Lev Grossman

Before I started reading this novel, I took a relatively big risk and watched the Syfy series first (I know, bad idea.) But the cast and storyline was so entrancing I picked up a copy of the The Magicians as soon as I could. While some people have likened Grossman's novel to the likes of the Harry Potter... Continue Reading →

Local Treasures: Constitution Hill

In a previous post I talked about one of the most enjoyable vintage bookshops that was available in Aberystwyth. In this week's post, I'll be talking about a place great for reading, Constitution Hill. Now this is a place that I explored during my first year ventures, and it was nothing more but sheer bliss. Only... Continue Reading →

A Cursory Introduction

If you told me at the beginning of my degree that at its close I would be sitting in my flatmate's bedroom, surrounded by a vegan banana mush-cake, chocolate chip cookies, and tea, writing about books read - past and present, I'd probably would've laughed and said "Good joke, pal." And yet, here we are!... Continue Reading →

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